Chuck Troad

Chuck is a higher ranking member of the Nameless city watch.


Chuck was the one that discovered the Bart after he was stunned by the Old Man at the Wailing Wench. He confronted the Old Man on the east edge of Nameless and was nearly killed by a rolling ball of fire spell cast by the Old Man. After he put himself out, and the Old Man had escaped town, he went back to the Nameless City Watch to find Gledd and Sundry.

Chuck, Gledd and Sundry tracked the Old Man down to an old watch tower east of town. Upon approaching the tower, which looked like it had been nearly blown up, they were attacked by a huge creature. It killed Gledd outright, backhanded Chuck into the woods, and drug Sundry off into the tower.

Chuck dragged himself back into town where the adventureres caught up with him in the Watch’s infirmary.

Chuck Troad

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